Volume : 2, Issue : 11, November - 2013

Bronchogenic Cyst: clinical presentation in a 3 month old child as congestive heart failure

Gauri Chauhan, Kshitij Dhuria, Dr. Prateek Bhatia, Ak Bhardwaj, Pd Sharma

Abstract :

Introduction: Bronchogenic cysts are small, solitary cysts or sinuses, most typically located in the region of the suprasternal notch or over the manuium sterni. These are found most often in young adults and are rare in infancy. The usual symptoms result from compression by the cyst and include dyspnoea, dysphagia, cough and chest pain. Case ief: Here we present a case of Bronchogenic cyst in a 3 month infant, manifesting clinically as congestive heart failure. The baby presented with excessive crying, sweating on crying and refusal to feed since 15 days. Vitals revealed tachycardia and tachypnoea. On systemic examination a precordial bulge was present and moderate hepatomegaly was noted. A chest X–ray done was suggestive of cardiomegaly. A lateral view on chest X–ray revealed a mass in posterior mediastinum which on CT thorax was confirmed to be a cystic mass causing cardiac compression, consistent with a diagnosis of onchogenic cyst. The congestive heart failure was managed immediately with fluid restriction, oxygen inhalation, I/v furosemide and digitalization. Case discussion: Bronchogenic cysts in infancy are rare and as in our index case, when they arise in posterior mediastinum, they are known to cause cardio–respiratory compromise. However, an oblique or lateral chest X–ray view is very helpful to pick up the posterior mediastinal mass early. Hence, detailed radiological examination in suspected cases is necessary, to detect cysts timely for early resection or aspiration, so that further complications can be avoided.

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Gauri Chauhan, Kshitij Dhuria, Dr. Prateek bhatia, AK Bhardwaj , PD Sharma / Bronchogenic Cyst: clinical presentation in a 3 month old child as congestive heart failure / Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol:2, Issue:11 November 2013

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