Volume : 2, Issue : 11, November - 2013

“Rupture Uterus–An Obstetric Emergency”: Study of 30 Cases

Priyangi Purohit, Latika R Mehta, Yogesh R. Rathava, Nilesh Chauhan

Abstract :

Background: Rupture of uterus is a dire emergency where the life of the mother as well as that of the fetus is in danger. This study aims to help in planning preventive methods and line of management of rupture of uterus. Objective: To evaluate the risk factors associated with type and site of rupture uterus, different modes of management maternal and fetal outcome and to study risk factors for implementation of preventive strategies. Method: A prospective study for two and half years was done to describe the frequency, causes, treatment, complications, and maternal & fetal mortality associated with ruptured uterus. Detailed history was taken and thorough examination was done. Results: A total of 30 cases of ruptured uterus were studied over two and half years span at our Institute (V. S. General Hospital, Ahmadabad, Gujarat). The most common cause of rupture uterus was rupture of previous LSCS scar (66.6%) cases. Abdominal pain was most common (80%) presenting feature. In majority, lower uterine segment was affected and 83.3% cases were of complete type. Bladder injury was present in 3.3% cases. Rent repair was done in 63.3% of cases. There were no maternal deaths while fetal mortality was 63.3%.Conclusion: Recent advance in obstetrics, availability of oad spectrum antibiotics, advances in anesthesia and availability of blood transfusion have given major surgical procedures a great degree of safety, hence reduced maternal mortality in cases with rupture uterus to a considerable extent.

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Priyangi Purohit, Latika R Mehta, Yogesh R. Rathava, Nilesh Chauhan / “Rupture Uterus-An Obstetric Emergency”: Study of 30 Cases / Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol:2, Issue:11 November 2013

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