Volume : 1, Issue : 3, August - 2012

A Tool For Sex Identification

Dr. Renuka B. Adgaonkar, Dr. M. P. Ambali

Abstract :

As sacrum is a component of axial skeleton and because of its contribution to the pelvic girdle and in turn to the functional differences in the region between the two sexes, it has an applied importance in determining sex with the help of measurements carried upon it. Over the years, different workers have studied sexual dimorphism in adult human sacra belonging to different races and regions.For our study, 300 sacra (150 Male and 150 Female), were taken from the departments of Anatomy by visiting different Medical colleges in Maharashtra. The parameters were studied & indices were calculated. The demarking points (D.P.) of various parameters as well as indices were determined. The percentage of bones identified by (D.P.) was also recorded. The results were compared with the available literature. It was found that the ventral straight length and length of auricular surface amongst the parameters and sacral index and index of differential length of lateral surface of sacrum were more reliable in sexing the sacra as compared to other parameters and indices.  

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Dr. Renuka B. Adgaonkar, Dr. M. P. Ambali A Tool For Sex Identification Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 1, Issue: 3 August 2012

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