Volume : 2, Issue : 12, December - 2013

Histological Features of Carotid Kinking

Bianca Voicu, Anca Sin, Mariana Tilinca

Abstract :

Among other vascular systems, the carotid artery represents a special interest for medical professionals involved in diagnosis and management of vascular disease. The present study was undertaken to observe the histological changes of a group of extracranial internal carotid anomalies, specifically kinking. Our observations include 20 patients with internal carotid kinking, admitted, diagnosed and treated in Clinic of Cardiovascular Surgery, Tirgu Mures, Romania, over a period of five years (2009–2013). The macroscopic and microscopic study of the carotid fragments revealed many changes in vessel wall and caliber. The findings of the microscopic aspects of internal carotid kinking are important in clinical practice because this could compel the surgeon to modify the revascularization techniques of carotid artery

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Bianca Voicu, Anca Sin, Mariana Tilinca / Histological Features of Carotid Kinking / Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol:2, Issue:12 December 2013

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