Volume : 4, Issue : 12, December - 2015

Design,Spectral,Novel synthesis, and antimicrobial study of four co-ordinate complex and adducts of Ni (II)

J. R. Gujarathi

Abstract :

<p>Ni (II) complex and adducts have been synthesized by reacting the Ni (II) chloride with 3,5-dichloro 2-hydroxy acetophenone N(4) methyl thiosemicarbazone and in presence of heterocyclic bases like pyridine (py),2-chloropyridine, 3-chloropyridine and 4-chloropyridine Thiosemicarbazone has been characterized by 13C, 1H NMR as well as IR, electronic spectra and EI-MS. The synthesized complex and adducts were characterized by elemental analysis, IR, electronic spectroscopy,EI-MS as well as by TGA, magnetic and conductivity measurement. The magnetic and spectroscopic data indicated square planer geometry for the four coordinate complex and adducts. Antimicrobial assay has also been carried out for synthesized compounds. The thiosemicarbazone and its metal complexes showed growth inhibitory activity against Staphylococcus aureu,Bacilus subtilis(Gram+ve), Escherichia Coli,Peudomonas aeruginosa (Gram-ve) bacterial species.</p>

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J. R. Gujarathi Design,Spectral,Novel Synthesis, and Antimicrobial Study of Four Co-Ordinate Complex And Adducts of Ni (Ii) Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 4, Issue: 12 December 2015

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