Volume : 5, Issue : 6, June - 2016

Linguish: A Smart Initiative towards English language learning

Dr. K. Anant Acharya

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<p>&lt;p&gt;&amp;nbsp;This paper focuses on the smart trend of English language learning by using Whats app group in smart phones. With the emergence of language learning software tools in recent years, such as language labs, different social networking sites and use of smart phones new opportunities in learning English Language have come into existence and became very popular even among the students who don&amp;rsquo;t have natural flair for learning. Today, almost every student carries smart phones and uses social networking sites and different apps even after not knowing English properly. This paper is based on a small initiative that I have taken while working with LNCT College Bhopal which is affiliated to RGTU, (Rajiv Gandhi Technical University) Bhopal. Presently I am working here as an associate professor with the department of Humanities and teaching English and Communication skills to BE students. For some time, I had an opportunity to teach the students of MCA and Pharmacy also. Seeing the craze of Smart Phones among the students today, I have decided to divert some moments of such time which they spent in unnecessary things towards some useful learning. Linguish is a result of some of these efforts. Initially I stated a group of five members including me. Later, seeing the tremendous positive response within a month, it has been joined by many students, scholars and academicians. Linguish helps in learning English language in an effective and stress free way. It basically discusses the ways of enhancing the correct usage of grammar, syntax, developing vocabulary, using jargons, idioms, phrases, understanding spelling rules, mastering interview skills and thereby boosting up their confidence level and grooming up and so on. Time to time, the chapters and contents of the classes at Linguish are rescheduled. Through these columns I am presenting the outcomes of this small initiative.&lt;/p&gt;</p>

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