Volume : 2, Issue : 3, March - 2013

Influenza a H1N1 Pandemic Vaccine Development in India: an Update

Dr. Deep Inder, Dr. Pawan Kumar

Abstract :

Influenza A H1N1 virus emerged as pandemic worldwide in 2009 and its re–emergence has taken place in India in 2013. As Influenza A H1N1 is a newly mutated influenza strain, conventional anti–influenza vaccines and anti–viral drugs have not found to be effective. Oseltamivir and Zanamivir are the only Influenza A H1N1 1 antiviral drugs available, which are used both for prophylaxis and treatment. India developed and launched its own vaccines (killed and live attenuated) against Influenza A H1N1 in 2010 after establishing its safety and efficacy and with approval from Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). This review article mainly focuses on the Influenza A H1N1 vaccines available in India; their target groups, indications for use, contra–indications to use, safety and efficacy aspects. Physicians are advised not to over diagnose seasonal influenza illness and avoid prescribing these drugs (Oseltamivir and Zanamivir) indiscriminately on routine basis so as to prevent emergence of resistance. Vaccines can be prescribed for prophylactic purposes, but prescription needs to be assessed on individual basis.

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Dr. Deep Inder, Dr. Pawan Kumar Influenza a H1N1 Pandemic Vaccine Development in India: an Update Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 2, Issue: 3 March 2013

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