Volume : 2, Issue : 4, April - 2013

Erupted Odontomas: a Rare Case Report

Dr Kannan , Dr Sivakumar

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Odontomas are benign lesions composed of the varying elements that make up a tooth. They seem to represent a local overgrowth of tooth forming tissue and are not considered by most authorities to represent neoplasms. They are hamartomatous lesions rather than true neoplasms. WHO classifies odontomas into: compound and complex odontomas. These are composed of more than one type of tissue and hence termed as composite odontoma. The compound odontoma is a malformation in which all the dental tissues are in a more orderly pattern so that the lesion consists of many tooth–like structures. Odontomas erupting into the oral cavity are rare. The first case was published in 1980, and since then only 17 cases have been reported in the literature. Eight of the 17 cases were complex odontomas; the rest were compound odontomas. This is a case report of a compound– complex odontoma, occuring in between the maxillary central incisors, which reported to Thai Moogambigai Dental College and Hospital.

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