Volume : 2, Issue : 6, June - 2013

Study of Fusarium Species in Clinically Suspected Cases of Keratomycosis

Dr Payal Dholaria, Dr Jayshri Pethani, Dr Sanjay R, Dr Jigar Gusani, Dr Jignesh P, Dr Parul Shah

Abstract :

Objective: To review the etiological fungal agent of genus Fusarium, characterisation at species level and treatment outcomes. Material & Methods: The study was conducted from October 2011 to March 2012.Using standard techniques, 200 corneal specimens were processed by a potassium hydroxide (KOH) mount and Gram stain. They were cultured on Sabourauds dextrose agar (SDA). Results: Out of total 200 specimens, 45(22.5%) were positive by microscopy and 46(23%) were culture positive. Out of 46 isolates, 28(60.86%) were Fusarium sp. The most common isolates were Fusarium solani 19(67.8%), Fusarium oxysporum 8(28.5%) and Fusarium moniliforme 1(3.5%). Conclusion: Our study reflects that Fusarium sp. is an emerging fungal pathogen for keratomycosis.Though Fusarium spp. is a saprophyte, its traumatic implantation may results in keratomycosis and is mostly caused by Fusarium solani. Early,accurate diagnosis with antifungal therapy is crucial for cure. Laboratory diagnosis is essential for treatment to avoid complication.

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Dr Payal R. Dholaria, Dr Jayshri D. Pethani, Dr Sanjay Rathod, Dr Jigar K. Gusani, Dr Jignesh Panchal, Dr Parul D. Shah / Study of Fusarium Species in Clinically Suspected Cases of Keratomycosis / Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol:2, Issue:6 June

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