Study on Recycled Waste Plastic Concrete


Abstract :

Utilization of waste materials and byproducts is a partial solution for environmental and ecological problems. Here
Plastics are the most important and toxic waste materials compare to other wastes. Use of these plastic materials are
not only helps in getting them utilized in cement, concrete and other construction materials, it helps in reducing the
cost of cement and concrete manufacturing, but also has numerous indirect benefits such as reduction in landfill cost, saving in energy, and
protecting the environment from possible pollution effects. Plastic wastes consist of the waste of plastics bags, water bottles, drums, straws
and some polythene sheets. An experimental study is made on the utilization of plastic waste particles as coarse aggregates in concrete with a
percentage replacement ranging from 0 % to 20% on the strength criteria of M25 Concrete. This project gives the basic mechanical properties
and strength of conventional concrete M25 grade.

Keywords :

  Concrete, Environment, Plastic, Waste materials.



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