The Association among Demographic Variables and Selfishness of IT and BPO Employees of Information Technology– A Case Study with Reference to Bangalore.


Abstract :

The aim of this study is to identify and explore the association among Demographic variables and selfishness of IT and
BPO employees of Information Technology. Quantitative and qualitative approaches were used to measure the variables.
To obtain the quantitative data a sample of 150 professional IT employees working in Bangalore were participated in
this study. The Questionnaire based on work related cultural value scale was used to measure selfishness and Maoism. To obtain qualitative
data, the structured interview was conducted with 20 IT and BPO Managers. Findings from both quantitative and qualitative data suggested that
there was a significant difference between the two fields of Information technology. It also showed that selfishness and Maoism was significantly
associated with the size of the organization, education and experience of both the groups. Findings of this study have implications on practice,
research and Administrative efficiency to retain the employees. The study also found demographic and general characteristics have significant
relationship between job attachment, empowerment and job fulfilment in their respective field.

Keywords :

  Demographic variables, selfishness, job attachment, empowerment and job fulfilment



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