A Study on HRD Practices and its Impact Towards Job Satisfaction in BSNL, Three Different SSAs


Abstract :

The aim of this paper is to study investigates that the Human Resource Development (HRD) Practices influencing Job
Satisfaction with special reference to BSNL, three different Secondary Switching Areas (SSA), the names of the SSAs are
Trichy, Thanjavur and Madurai SSA. The human resource management is a function which is mainly concerned with
people at work and with their relationship within the organization. The human resource management function has emerged as one of the most
important areas of organizational practice. For conducting this research a sample of 300 employees taking in BSNL, three SSAs. To examine
the level of HRD Practices associated with Job Satisfaction among BSNL employees. Job satisfaction may be defined as a pleasurable positive
emotional state resulting from the appraisal of oneamp;amp;rsquo;s job or job experiences. The aim of the study was to explore the impact of HRD Practices on
Job Satisfaction. From the study, the researcher found that to sum up the overall Human Resource Development practices of BSNL is accepted by
its employees. Some important implications for future research are also derived from the study

Keywords :

  Job Satisfaction, HRD Practices, Human Resource Management.



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