Significance of Stress Free Environment for Sustaining Business in India


Abstract :

Following liberalization in 1991 and introduction of reforms in the Indian industries during past two decades, there
has been intense competition among all fields of industries. The existence of tough competition to have market edge
over each other results in the adoption of newer operational methods. This also leads to introduction of new products,
services and marketing techniques which generates stress among employees. This organizational stress originates in organizational demands
that are experienced by the individual. Stress is built up in the concept of role which is conceived as the position, a person occupies in a system.
Naturally, all the employees have had to adapt to workplace changes which have caused stress among employees. However, management of
each industries must aim at reducing stress breeding environment in their organization, thus infuse a sense of belongingness among employees
which in turn act as force multiplier and motivate employee to work with devotion and dedication towards achieving goal of organization.

Keywords :

  Creativity, Innovation, Business Sustainability, Marketing, Liberalization, Force Multiplier, Entrepreneurs, Stress Breeding Environment, Absenteesim, Presenteeism, Productivity, Depression, Competancy, Counselling.



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