Strategies for Effective Indian E-Governance Readiness

Kumar D, Dr. N. Panchanatham

Abstract :

The process of governance has been and is continuously impacted by the developments in various technologies. It
brings down the cost, improves the process quality and makes a speedy reach to all the objects targeted. Eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Governance
is generally considered as a wider concept than eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Government, since it can bring about a change in the way how citizens
relate to governments and to each other. The objective of eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Governance is to engage, enable and empower the citizen. Eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Participation, eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Voting,
eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Transparency, eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Accountability are some of the dimensions of eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Governance. It considers social, economic and environmental aspects in the
decision making of its policies. Eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Readiness is the ability to use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to develop states economy
and to foster states welfare. While eamp;amp;amp;ndash;readiness is a larger concept that measures a nationamp;amp;amp;rsquo;s comprising of citizens, businesses and government
taking advantage of the digital revolution, it mainly relates to the processes involving the government transformation using the tools of ICT.
Eamp;amp;amp;ndash;readiness touches upon the state of all interfaces viz. G2G, G2B, B2B, B2C and C2C. This paper stretches its objectives for a critical review on
the concept of eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Readiness in Governance with special focus to Indian Eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Governance initiative. Some of the Indian projects for Eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Readiness are
analyzed to know its impact in the Eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Governance implementation process. The main goal of this paper is to bring out concerns related to Effective
Eamp;amp;amp;ndash;Governance Readiness through the case studies.

Keywords :

  E–Readiness, Information and Communication Technology, E–Governance, E–Governance Readiness



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