Factor Analysis on Job Involvement with special reference to Women Faculties of Engineering Colleges


Abstract :

Job involvement as the individualamp;amp;rsquo;s belief towards his or her present job and he also stated that job involvement acts as
a catalyst to satisfy the individual presentamp;amp;rsquo;s needs. The present study reveals that the Factor Analysis on job involvement
with special reference to women faculties of engineering colleges. The universe of the study 1000 women faculties
working in 20 engineering colleges in Trichy region of Anna university.Out of the universe a sample unit of 250 women faculties taken up for
the study the sample unit is chosen on Stratified Proportionate sampling method.In this study, the researchers found the four factors of job
involvement were inter correlated with them and job involvement. So there is a significant difference between job involvement factors affecting
job involvement.

Keywords :

  Job Involvement, Women Faculties, Factor Analysis



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