Models on Employee Engagement Practice in the Business Scenario


Abstract :

Employee engagement is the degree to which an employee is cognitively and emotionally attached to his work and
organization. It reflects his/her the level of identification and commitment an employee has towards the organization
and its values. As a team member, an engaged employee is aware of the business contextand works to improve the
performance in the job for the benefit of the organization. Employees engaged are concerned about the future of the organization and are willing
to invest discretionary efforts for the organization for the future benefits.
There are eight different organizational factors that drive employee engagement 1) Trust and Integrity, 2) Nature of the Job, 3) Line of Sight
Between Individual Performance and Company Performance, 4) Career Growth Opportunities,5) Pride About the Company, 6) Co workers/Team
Members, 7) Employee Skill Formation and Development, and 8) Personal Relationship with Oneamp;amp;rsquo;s Manager.
There are four models of employee engagement. This paper throws light on the four models. Besides, the paper also discusses we relationship
of Employee Engagement with other constructs. Finally the paper brings out the significant relationships that exist between engagement and
performance and the impact of employee perceptions that they have the power to make decisions, sufficient knowledge and information to
do the job effectively, and rewards for high performance. High involvement management practices are positively associated with Employee

Keywords :

  Employee, Employee Engagement, Career Growth, Performance



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