An Empirical Study on Showcasing & Two-wheeler Marketing in Tiruchirappalli


Abstract :

This study provides a brief idea about the showcasing and marketing strategies for twoamp;amp;amp;ndash;wheelers. Taking as a research
area of twoamp;amp;amp;ndash;wheelers marketing, really canamp;amp;amp;rsquo;t have a better way of reaching out to the customer except with a strong
dealersamp;amp;amp;rsquo; network and their showrooms. The Twoamp;amp;amp;ndash;wheeler showroom helps to build image and create demand for the
product of the manufacturers. This study covers a sample of 40 staff picked from four Twoamp;amp;amp;ndash;wheeler showrooms namely Shriraj TVS, PL.A TVS,
Gemini Yamaha, and Kavi Bajaj and a sample of 150 customers visiting these showrooms in Tiruchirapalli. At the rate of 50 customer of each
from three showrooms were selected conveniently as contacting and eliciting their views were a tough task. This study deals with customeramp;amp;amp;rsquo;s
preference and perception to the dealers services and also it examines the customeramp;amp;amp;rsquo;s opinion, desires, and their level of satisfaction regarding
the facilities provided by the dealers. Further this study also analyzes the general features of twoamp;amp;amp;ndash;wheeler showcasing, and other promotional
activities of dealers to market their vehicle, and highlights the various aspects of showcasing techniques for the twoamp;amp;amp;ndash;wheelers and the companyamp;amp;amp;rsquo;s
responsibilities and requirements for the twoamp;amp;amp;ndash;wheeler sales. As an outcome of the study suggestions certain made were to tone up the customer
services to attract more customers.

Keywords :

  Showcase, Demonstrating, Point of Sales, Interactive Kiosk Machines



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