A Study on the role of Cloud Computing for Sustainable Business Development


Abstract :

The current trend in our consumption of the earthamp;amp;rsquo;s resources is unsustainable and is creating major environmental
problems. Climate changes, resource depletion, loss of biodiversity, and air pollution have a major impact on many
citizens and the earth, thus we need to focus on changing our current behavior.
Green computing through cloud technologies is a new trend, where companies try to achieve the necessary business growth without harming
the environment. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the Internet. Cloud services allow individuals and businesses to use
software and hardware that are managed by third parties at remote locations. In todays world, people do take note of the importance of green
technologies and the ways in which it helps the planet.
There have been many steps taken towards creating technologies that entice the businesses towards greener computing by offering huge savings
in energy costs. The advantage of adopting such technologies indirectly helps to reduce carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions. But
the biggest apprehension that businesses have when eco friendly computing solutions are proposed, is whether these would be compatible
with their business growth. But rising expenditures incurred due to power consumption in conventional data centers and the inability to meet
the rising demand for physical workspace is forcing such business enterprises to seek greener computing platforms. As a result, not only due
to environmental concern but to meet their own commercial interests, many organizations have come forward to adopt greener, sustainable
computing solutions.
The present paper made an attempt to highlight the role of cloud computing in Business development.

Keywords :

  Cloud Computing, Sustainable Development, Green house gas emissions



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