Binarization of Ancient Tamil Scripts From Stone Inscriptions


Abstract :

Tamil character recognition is one of the most difficult tasks in the pattern recognition system. There are lots of difficult
things which can be solved through image processing technique, separating each character, recognizing character fonts
and writing styles used in different centuries. Many researchers try to apply many techniques for breaking through the
complex problem of Tamil character recognition. Currently there are widely available digital image processing algorithm and implementation
that are able to detect characters from raw images. In character recognition system most of the applications use grey/binary images since
processing color images is computationally high. Such images may also contain non uniform background so it is difficult to extract the images
without performing preprocessing. In this research paper an attempt has been done to analyses the various approaches and challenges in
recognitions of Tamil characters and issues related to recognitions method that can convert color image into binary form.

Keywords :

  Binarization, Tamil character recognition, Gray scale, image processing



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